Why is the pelvic floor important?

Pelvic health physiotherapist Jilly Bond explains why the pelvic floor is important.

Pelvic floor is absolutely key to making sure that you are continent.

If you have a weak pelvic floor, you might find that you have leakage from your bladder, leakage from your bowel – in both men and women. You might find that you have a heaviness or dragging sensation in the middle. Sometime with a bit of vaginal laxity which is very common.

Having a strong pelvic floor can help to support all of those organs.  It helps stop that leakage happening from the front and the back end.

It’s also really good at providing good sexual feeling. If you’re not feeling very much during intimacy, having a stronger pelvic floor can help you to feel more. And actually with climax as well.

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