Why do we need to do pelvic floor exercises?

Pelvic health physiotherapist Jilly Bond shares why we need to do pelvic floor muscle exercises.

We need to do pelvic floor exercises to make sure our pelvic floor is strong. Often people will find that maybe they start a new hobby. Say, they start running when they’ve had some children. They start to have some leakage.

In that situation, you’re going to want to do pelvic floor exercises so that you can get back running being stronger without leakage.

1 in 3 women in the UK have some form of incontinence. A lot of them don’t do anything about it and its actually super easy to fix.

You just need to do pelvic floor exercises three times a day for three to five months. Your symptoms should resolve when you have really good strength and really good ability to lift those organs and squeeze everything tight shut.

People should also be doing pelvic floor exercises if they’ve just had a baby. If they are going through the menopause. Or men that have had recent prostate surgery. And anyone else who’s having any leakage from the front or the back end, maybe they’ve had a different surgery recently.

It’s good for everyone.

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