Who shouldn’t do pelvic floor muscle exercises?

We spoke to Jilly Bond about who should not do pelvic exercises on their own.

There are some people that shouldn’t do pelvic floor exercises before having a proper screen with their qualified specialist physiotherapist. Or a doctor or someone who knows about the area.

Those are people who are getting pain downstairs. Or potentially, if they are having leakage, it could be that instead of the muscle being really weak, the muscle is really tight.

And if it’s really tight, it’s not going to be able to do it’s job.  Going from this bowl shape all the way up and forwards to squeeze the tube tight. It might be kind of stuck in the middle.

Then it’s not able to relax down, so you’re not able to have a normal bowel motion or be able to have intimacy. It’s not able to squeeze, to stop you from having leakage from the tube at the front and the back end.

If you’re getting those symptoms, its worth having a check up with your GP, physiotherapist or specialist physiotherapist first.

You need to learn to do some relaxation exercises. The exercises are very simple and involve really thinking about allowing everything relax down. Before you then move it and train it, or after you’ve trained it.

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