Another way to find your pelvic floor

Jilly Bond shares another way to find your pelvic floor.

Here’s a transcript of what she had to say:

Another way is to just make sure that when you sit down you relax your legs, you relax your tummy, relax your bottom cheeks so that none of these squeeze – we don’t want movement up and down as you’re doing your exercises.

Then keeping everything relaxed, think about pulling in your back passage as if to stop from breaking wind, all the way up and forwards as if its going up an escalator or as if you’re pulling a piece of string through your pubic bone.

Pulling in that back passage gets the whole movement of the muscle. So it’s not just about the back end, it gets everything moving all the way to the front. You can add in a little bit of tension again at the front if you want to. That’s a really good way to find your pelvic floor. That’s what it feels like.

But while you’re doing that exercise, if you feel that when you pull in your back passage that you really squeeze your legs or you squeeze bottom cheeks then that’s not right because your bum cheeks have nothing to do with it. It’s all about the bottom hole.

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