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Welcome to Squeezy, the trusted voice of pelvic health advice! Developed in collaboration with pelvic health specialists, Squeezy is the ultimate tool trusted by both patients and clinicians alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pelvic health clinician or just starting your journey in this field, Squeezy is here to support you in guiding your patients towards optimal pelvic health.

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What is Squeezy Connect and how can it help you?

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About Squeezy

With over half a million downloads, Squeezy is the sector-leading app that helps patients improve their pelvic health.

  • NHS-endorsed
  • in 18 NHS Trusts
  • an average increase of +40% in adherence to pelvic floor muscle exercise programmes
  • an improvement of +25% in ICIQ-UI outcomes compared to TAU

Source: results from five NHS service evaluations

Squeezy is available either as a self-management app to help people with remembering to do their pelvic floor muscles exercises regularly and properly, or as Squeezy Connect, which enables Clinicians to provide patients with a free and connected version of the Squeezy app. The patient gets the app for free while the clinician can monitor their adherence and share further resources.

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