Are there male pelvic floor therapists?

Yes, there are …

Pelvic health physiotherapy began its life in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. The first pelvic floor treatment was to teach women to perform pelvic floor exercises after having had a baby.

The speciality grew from there, and as a result its focus has been on the pelvic health of women, especially when it comes to stress urinary incontinence after childbirth or pelvic organ prolapse. It was called “women’s health physiotherapy” for many years. It also attracted more women than men to work in the field, in the same way that midwifery is more of a female-dominant profession.

However, men have pelvic floors too! They experience conditions such as pelvic pain or stress incontinence after prostate surgery. The speciality is now mostly called “pelvic health physiotherapy” to reflect this, and most physiotherapists treat both men and women.

Gradually, there is increasing interest in working in this field from male clinicians too, but there are far fewer men than women at this stage. Many people prefer to see a clinician of the same sex, particularly for intimate examinations, and this may be possible depending on what services are available near you.
However, if you prefer to see a male clinician and there isn’t one near you, then don’t let that put you off. Clinicians working in male and female pelvic health are very comfortable treating both men and women, and will put you at your ease.

If you still feel reluctant about this, try an online consultation to start with and see how that feels? It may be that you only need some advice and information to resolve your issue.

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