What happens if your pelvic floor becomes weak?

Ever wonder what happens if your pelvic floor becomes weak?

Elaine Miller explained the consequences to us. Here’s a transcript of what she had to say:

So if your pelvic floor becomes weak, one of the common problems people experience is leaking. So they wet themselves if they laugh or cough or sneeze or if they are jumping which is a problem because it stops people from exercising.

Other problems that people can find is pelvic pain because some of the muscles will try to overcompensate so you can get spasms in your pelvic floor.

And people can have problems actually peeing or pooing. So instead of being able to sit on the toilet and pee normally. The stream can come out very slowly or be hesitant or you might find that you go to the toilet and you stand up and you realise there’s a bit more.

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