Michelle is a certified Mummy MOT practitioner and Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Pelvic Health. She recognises the wide range of issues, complications and niggles which effect women’s bodies during and after pregnancy, post pelvic surgery including hysterectomies, peri and post menopause.
As an athlete herself, Michelle is particularly interested in the female athlete’s pelvic floor and has completed post graduate training in this area including “The athletic pelvic floor course” with Dr Ruth Jones.
Her relaxed approach and friendly professional manner make clients feel comfortable, at ease and empowered.
Advanced training in pelvic health enables Michelle to assess and diagnose quickly, providing hands on treatment together with expert and practical advice. She will tailor a unique postnatal recovery plan in line with your goals, returning you to functional fitness.
A mum and former Ironman triathlete, Michelle relates to the demands placed on a woman’s body and to the frustrations of pelvic pain and dysfunction. Alongside her private practice she works as the South West Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for the Military and is a member of their pelvic health working group. During her career she has also worked as the Senior Physiotherapist for the Ladies 1st Team at Chelsea Football Club, and is currently undergoing further studies towards an MSc in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy.

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