I have gained a broad spectrum of skills across all areas of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and women’s health, with a special interest in the treatment and management of back and neck pain, and post-natal recovery. I have the firm belief that if you can empower people to understand the cause of their symptoms, this knowledge often allows them to move better, and with more confidence, which in turn facilitates a better recovery. Supporting you to get back to doing what makes you you, whether that be through exercise, manual therapy, acupuncture, pilates… is always my aim.
My passion for sport and exercise led me to start teaching Pilates, as I saw the fantastic benefits it provided for my patients, in terms of strength, stability, and increased confidence with movement. I started teaching Pilates and running my own Pilates business in 2013, having trained through the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and have never looked back! Teaching Pilates from a Physiotherapist’s perspective means that I can utilise my in-depth knowledge of how the body functions in injury and in health, to modify, progress and challenge the exercises to suit your individual needs.
Having had my little girl 3 years ago, I was shocked at how different my body felt postnatally, and I felt somewhat lost as to where to begin when returning to exercise and when looking to prevent long term problems occurring. This is why I feel ‘The Empowered Mother’ is so important. Motherhood is amazing and rewarding, but also incredibly challenging and exhausting! Having a comprehensive, thorough assessment allows us to understand what’s important and required for your body to provide the best recovery, ensuring you are doing the right exercises, at the right time, in the right way.

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