I am a Physiotherapist that is passionate about what I do, with over 18 years experience treating musculoskeletal and pelvic floor conditions in clinical settings across Canada and USA. I have recently relocated to London, England, and work with a wonderful team at Six Physio in Kensington. The Six Physio motto is “Don’t treat, Cure”, and I couldn’t agree more with that treatment philosophy.

I love working with people to get to the root of their problems, helping them resolve their conditions to the fullest extent through tailored treatment. My treatment approach includes manual therapy, myofascial release techniques, neural, visceral and connective tissue mobilizations, followed by an individualized therapeutic exercise program. I follow the biopsychosocial model of care where education, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes are components of the treatment plan.

I am currently seeing patients with a focus on pelvic health for both men and women, treating a wide spectrum of conditions, including: pelvic girdle dysfunction, incontinence, antenatal & postpartum complaints, and chronic pelvic pain.

Away from work, I love to be outdoors running, hiking and cycling. I also enjoy Yoga and have an interest in Pilates. I am also able to speak fluent English and French.

Looking forward to helping you with your pelvic health issues, whether they be old or new!

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