Hello! I am Gemma Pilkington and started off my professional career at the Royal Free Hospital in London 20 years ago where I was first introduced to the world of women’s health. This sparked a path of further education and learning around restoring pelvic health to the lives of women suffering from symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and faecal incontinence, constipation, bladder pain and sexual function.
After spending valuable years within the NHS and private clinics in London I now work solely in private practice and in 2017, after having my 3rd baby, established ‘GP Physiotherapy’ in Surrey.
I believe in a truly holistic approach to treating women from the teenage years to the ante-natal and post-natal period through to the menopausal years and beyond. I have a specialist interest in treating women suffering from endometriosis, vulval pain, chronic pelvic pain and those recovering from birth or gynaecological surgery, however treat all women’s health issues.
I am passionate to provide a service that enables women to achieve their goals, hopes and ultimate happiness in whatever they choose to do.
I am always happy to chat through any concerns you may have and look forward to hearing from you.

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