Hi, I’m Claire, and I run FITZ & PHYSIO. I’ve got a passion for Pelvic Health physiotherapy, which means I specialise in all things connected to the pelvis and in particular ante and post-natal women.
I love getting people reconnecting with their bodies and getting the best out of them. I have clinical expertise in treating all conditions related to the pelvic floor, including coccydynia, prolapse, overactive bladder, incontinence, rectus diastasis, as well as complicated pelvic pain. I’m a mum to two very heavy boys and I understand first-hand the challenges that motherhood and pregnancy can bring.
I’ve worked for the NHS, Bupa and for the APPI, which is one of the world’s leading pilates institutions. I draw upon my experience of pilates and musculoskeletal physiotherapy to look at every individual holistically, and apply my pilates knowledge when rehabilitating the pelvic floor. I use a lot of manual therapy (hands on treatment) and acupuncture skills to help with pain relief. I am enthusiastic about getting people back to what they love doing, and pride myself in making exercise enjoyable and accessible for all, and will work tirelessly to ensure you meet your goals – whatever they may be!
I’ve recently relocated from London to the Bath area, I work for the NHS two days a week and run FITZ & PHYSIO the rest of the week.

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