Squeezy Cystic Fibrosis App

The decision has been made to remove the Squeezy Cystic Fibrosis app from App Stores. This is due to technical limitations. But do not worry, the Squeezy app (for women and men) has all the relevant content you need to continue (or start) doing your pelvic floor muscle exercises.

If you have been using the Squeezy Cystic Fibrosis app, and wish to continue squeezing, you have two options (these options are for those who are currently using the Squeezy Cystic Fibrosis app):

Option one: You can re-download the Squeezy CF app once it has been removed by following the steps in these guides: Android users, iPhone users. Please note that this app will no longer update and will remain the same.

Option two: You can contact us at hello@squeezyapp.com so that we can assist you in downloading the Squeezy for Women or Squeezy for men app free of charge.