Hi, I’m Roz. I work part-time for Nuffield Health as a Physio, while also providing my own mobile physio services in and around Surrey/Hampshire.
To my great joy I also run Pilates classes and 1:1s. I taught a range of antenatal and postnatal classes over the years but now only do 1:1s or include ladies into my current classes (where possible).
At the beginning of the year I started weight lifting (with a friend – we keep each other going!) which has given me food for thought on the impact on my pelvic floor and how best to keep it healthy and happy. I’m also a casual runner and yoga practitioner.
The part of my job I love most is helping you understand what may be going on with your body and what tools and options you have to take back control. Not everything works for everybody and our lives are equally busy and different – it’s important to me that any work we do together respects the current demands on your time and your needs.

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